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The term hot-swapping means you must take your Xbox apart and open the disk tray up (this sounds like hard work but it’s very easy) 
Once the disk trap is opened up, you need to disable auto-play which can be found in the Xbox Dashboard settings, doing this means that when entering a disc the game doesn't load up automatically. you then hover over the “install game” option, once the official retail disk starts spinning/installing you then slow down the retail disk and quickly swap over with the modded disk this confuses the Xbox into thinking it's installing the original copy. 
Once you have installed the Modded version of the game, you can then put the Xbox back together and then each time you go to play that game, the Xbox will boot from the installed version which is the modded one. 
I understand it sounds very daunting but it’s straightforward and once you do it once you end up wanting to hot-swap even more games. 
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